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I dropped the ball. For a TON of reasons for the past month I've neglected this blog and another ton of things that make me happy and I'm so sorry. While I continue to put my thoughts together, this will be my last post on Bloom. Thanks a lot to you who've read it and kept coming back to it for inspiration. It's been a great adventure these past 5 months of blogging that I will never forget. If anything, they have only increased my interest in self expression through the web. I have a new blog project coming up, and I'll let you know when it's ready, hope you will join me there! 

Beauty Tip of the Week: Eyebrow Threading!

Last weekend, I had a life changing experience. Seriously. I had been actively searching for over a year for the best place in El Salvador to get my eyebrows groomed, and I have found it. Cue fireworks, angels singing and bouquets of flowers. After visiting over 10 different salons and spas to get my eyebrows waxed, I had grown very frustrated because no one understood what I wanted for my eyebrows. In this quest for the perfect eyebrow, I suffered horrible accidents. There was the one time, when the "brow expert", over waxed my brows and I was forced to wear eyebrow makeup for two months. There was another time, when the wax they used gave me a rash. And then there was the worst one of all, when the girl who waxed me burnt my face. No kidding. 

About three months ago, I started hearing girls talking about "this cuban guy" who did eyebrow threading at a supermarket (!!!) of all places. "He's the best". "He totally changed the way my eyebrows look". "I'd never go anywhere else". So after years of turning to wax for my brows, I am proud to say NO MORE, I am a threading convert! The process takes about 10 minutes, and it does hurt a bit (more than waxing), but it is so worth it. Maybe it's  because he's pulling each hair out one by one that you get an eyebrow shape like no other: defined, clean and not too thin. Seriously, YOU MUST TRY THIS!

The Info:

It's $6 for every part you want to wax on your face (brows, mustache, cheeks, you name it!), and $25 for your legs.

The place is not a salon, it's just a guy with a very small booth at a supermarket. He's located at La Despensa de Don Juan Escalon (75 Av Norte, next to Burger King). You go inside and look for the booths next to the cash registers, he's the last one. 

Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am-2pm, 3pm-7pm, closed on Sundays.

get your print on! (printed pants)

Today I've decided that I NEED a pair of printed pants. They've been everywhere for New York Fashion Week, in every color, print and material. The difference from their cousins from this past spring, is that the prints are darker (burgundy, navy, grey), and the materials are a lot richer (so much brocade!, denim has gone darker too). I hope we get them at Zara sometime soon, pants are the only thing I won't dare shop online.

all pants from Net-A-Porter and therefore totally out of my budget, but so inspiration worthy!

Fashion Weekend: Instafaves from New York Fashion Week Part 2

And on it goes! I couldn't stop refreshing my instagram feed this weekend, so much pretty! Here are my faves from all over the place. In case you were wondering where I get the photos from, my fave sources can be divided into two groups: fashion magazines and fashion editors/bloggers. The Wall Street Journal + their contributors, and The New York Times are doing a great job covering the shows. From the editor/blogger side, I love the feeds from Man Repeller, Eva Chen, Krystal Bick, Fashion Critic and Fashion Foie Gras. Enjoy! 


Clockwise From Top Left: The Russians! // Fashion Power Girls: Hanneli, Eva Chen, Mira Duma + Co. // Zac Posen + a few Supers // Advanced Style! 

Clockwise From Top Left: Kelly Framel In Rebecca Minkoff // Fashion Bloggers! // Mr. Victoria Beckham // P'trique! #totesamaze // Mira Duma... THAT BAG!!!

Clockwise From Top Left: HRH of Fashion Anna Dello Russo //  Fashion Dog 2! // Fashion Bloggers! //Alexander Wang's Niece... yes this child owns Chanel

Clockwise From Top Left: Love All This Green! // Some More Russians...  Love The Prints //  This Would Be Me in New York: Shopping!


Clockwise From Top Left: The IT Bag of the Season: PS11 // The Making of a Birkin Bag! // Bag by Rebecca Minkoff // Another PS11! 

Clockwise From Top Left: This Wouldn't Be Complete Without Chanel // Rebecca Minkoff Bag in THE Color for Fall: Burgundy // Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend // Arm Fiestas! 

Clockwise From Top Left: J.Crew Bag + Shoes // J.Crew Heels // Tommy Hilfiger Heels // Charles Phillip Slippers... So Pretty! 

Clockwise From Top Left: Aristocratic-Messy Up Do at  The Row //  Up Dos by the Kerastase Team at Suno // Carolina Herrera: Grey Smoky Eye + Full Dewy Lips // Full Eyelashes at Zac Posen


Clockwise From Top Left: Gowns Gowns Gowns! Coco Rocha in Zac Posen Finale Dress // Can You Believe This is TOMMY HILFIGER?? //  This One is Tommy Too // Carmen Marc Valvo in My Favorite Color... Cobalt! // Carmen Marc Valvo... So Ladylike! 

Clockwise From Top Left: Fashion Armies! Models at Zac Posen //  Final Walk at Rag & Bone // Clapping at Zac Posen // Final Walk at Ruffian

Clockwise From Top Left: Fancy Fete by The Row at The Carlyle Hotel //  Dripping in Jewelry at the Lulu Frost Presentation // First Collection By J.Crew Alumn Marissa Web New York // One Of Each Please! By Marissa Webb New York

Clockwise From Top Left: Tommy Hilfiger Takes a Dip in a Chevron Suit //  I Need That Blazer! By Tommy Hilfiger // Love The Dress, Love The Shoes by Emerson // Both Photos Marissa Webb New York

Clockwise From Top Left: Donna Karan Does Black & White //  A Nude Tulle Ballerina by Zac Posen // Sparkles at DVF // Tangerine Tango! By Zac Posen // I Wish I Had A Party To Wear This To (and the money to buy it)... By Zac Posen // Floral Zac Posen

Clockwise From Top Left: A One Shoulder Carolina Herrera Stunner //  Cool Girl Colors at DVF // Aqua at Tracy Reese // This Dress is Pure Summer By Ralph Rucci // Tangerine at Victoria Beckham // Karlie Kloss Closing Carolina Herrera (she has fierce eyes) 

Clockwise From Top Left: My Fave Look From Marissa Webb // More Marissa! // Street Style // Blue Print By Marimekko  // Stripes By Equipment

anchors away!

I'm obsessed with nautical everything. It all started with stripes on my clothes, accesories, bed linens, you name it. My fixation with nautical themed things has grown past stripes and blue to something more literal: anchors. This weekend, finding myself with a little bit too much spare time on my hands, I decided to DIY a little something nautical inspired: an anchor pillow!  This can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour, depends on how lazy crafty you are.


- An anchor template (google this)
- Felt
- A pillow (or you can make your own)
- Needle and thread or if you can't be bothered with sewing, a glue gun
- Pins


1. Google around a little until you find an anchor template that you like. My printer has decided to stop working, so I drew mine based on an anchor I found online. Cut your template.

2. Pin your template to your felt piece and cut it.

3. Take your anchor and place it any way you like on your pillow. You can then hot glue it to your pillow (the fast way), or sew it on your pillow using thread that matches your anchor exactly. I chose the sewing way, it takes a lot longer but your pillow will last longer that way. It took me about an hour to do everything while watching tv. 

Shopping List:

If you live in El Salvador, here's where I got everything:

- Pillow: 3 Puntos
- Felt, thread, pins: Almacenes PacĂ­fico
- If you're in the market for a glue gun, Freund sells cheap ones.
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