anchors away!

Sweater: J.Crew // Jeans: 7 For All Mankind // T-Shirt: Zara // Flats: Madewell // Bag: Kate Spade New York // Glasses: Warby Parker 

I love that the nautical trend has caught on so much this summer! I got this cardigan yesterday in the mail and I couldn't wait to wear it today, it was love at first sight :)

anchors away!

happy birthday harry potter!

I'm a Potterhead. I've read all the books. I've seen all the movies. I've been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If I ever have kids, they will read these books and they will like them. According to the story, Harry was born on July 31st, 1980 so he would be turning 32 today! I want butterbeer. 

blog love: sincerely, Jules

I've been following Julie Sariñana's blog, Sincerely, Jules, for less than three months and it's already become one of my faves. I love her style because it's not too frou frou girly or ridiculously expensive i.e., no three tops layered on top of another, no mountains of bracelets and only the very random Cèline sighting. Her blog is a collection of casual/elegant looks, and I love that she wears many labels we can find here in El Salvador (she wears A LOT of Zara) or shop online. Think of Jules's outfits as "simple with a twist": so effortless you can't help look at her photos and think "why hadn't I ever thought of THAT". Check out the pics to see what I'm talking about :)

the call of the wild

Hi hi hi! I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of animal print. Leopard does float my boat, but all the other prints like zebra or giraffe don't fly with me at all (they remind me of old ladies or can easily look cheap). I stick to wearing my animal print as an accent only, so I constantly look out for it in accessories like shoes or scarves. If you like animal print but shy away from it like me, try leopard because it's the classic one out of the bunch. Also look for it in other colors other than the traditional brown, Zara carries a lot of options like orange, pink and blue leopard.

Scarf: Zara (on sale!) // Top: Zara // Jeans: 7 For All Mankind // Shoes: Soludos // Bag: Zara 


THEY'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was driving today whe I heard a song on the radio that made me instantly pull out my Shazam. Could that be Rob Thomas's voice? And could that be a song I'd never heard before?! When I was in high school, I used to be the biggest Matchbox Twenty fan so I pretty much know all of their songs by heart.  Turns out it WAS a song I'd never heard before and some quick googling told me that they're coming out with a new album, North, on september 4! SO.EXCITED. I still hold a special place for Matchbox Twenty in my musical heart because their songs bring back so many memories! I also love Rob ever since I had the great opportunity of seeing the band live in concert about five years ago and let me tell you, the man can sing. He sounds as good live as he does on any of his studio recordings. Listen up to their newest single in OVER A DECADE, She's So Mean :)

Green + Cobalt + orange

Nothing screams summer more than bright colors! Try a bright print up top with color pops from your accesories. Lately I've been tying knots on my T's to make them fit closer to my body. I wear them with flared high-wasted jeans for a 70s look. Try it!

Top: Gap, Jeans: 7 For All Mankind, Shoes: Brian Atwood, Bag: Dezso

I'm with the crew

Top: J.Crew, Jeans: 7 For All Manking, Glasses: Ray Ban, Belt: Stradivarius, Shoes: J.Crew

Wearing my new shoes out for a spin today! Summer just screams espadrilles to me, they're my go to shoe for almost every day. I love them because they add height and are super comfortable. Here, I'm pairing mine with skinny jeans and a pink lace top. Lace is a great fabric to wear in this heat because it breathes. Look out for cotton fabrics, they're the freshest ones. Stay away from silk or rayon, unless you're going to be in air conditioning, they trap your body heat making you sweat. Ew. 

P.S.: I'm on Olympic watch, today's big attractions are swimming (men and women's) and tennis. Go Ryan Lochte! 

must have of the week: smoking slippers!

Zara smoking slippers! Even cuter in person... get them in the skull or moustache version for $49.95

Olivia Palermo, how does she do it?!

It's hot as hell here and in other countries, but that doesn't stop fashion editors from thinking about fall and lots and lots of warm clothes. Above you can see the lovely Miss Palermo wearing fall fashions for Tatler Russia. Does this woman ever have a bad hair/fashion/makeup day?!? I know she had a ton of help to look her best for these photos, but she looks great even if she's just walking her dog. I'd probably walk my dog in sweat pants. 

the pinterest awards

I think we can all agree on the fact that Pinterest is more addictive than nutella. The only days I haven't pinned something were one, because I was in the hospital and two, because I had no internet access. Those two were very sad days. 

My favorite part are the pins of the people I'm following. It's so good, I almost never click on the "everything" tab. Every month or so, I get anal and organize my Pinterest. I weed through my favorite pinners and look out for other people to follow (Refinery29 and IFB are great places to look). If you're looking to make over your Pinterest feed, I leave you with my Pinterest Awards: the very best from my boards and who I'm following :) 

ps. follow me on pinterest HERE! :)

FAVE FASHION PINNER: Eat Sleep Wear, so many street style photos on this feed! There's a reason why she has over a million followers...

FAVE BEAUTY PINNER: The Beauty Department, my fave daily dose of pretty! Love (most) of their tutorials, they have a ton of those

FAVE FOOD PINNER: It's a tie between:

sweet collections, I love love love baking, and she pins tons of great baking and cake decorating tutorials.

Food Gawker, I'm a foodie so foodgawker is my favorite from all the -gawker websites. I love their Pinterest because they only pin their most popular recipes.

FAVE HOME DECOR PINNER: Sadie + Stella, lots of eclectic interiors and design ideas!

FAVE CRAFTY PINNER: Jenni Radosevich, she has a ton of tutorials on her website, mostly DIY home decor and jewelry. Her boards are so great because she pins a lot of her inspirations.

MOST REPINNED PINNER: Miss Pin A Holic, like her name suggests, she pins A LOT. Normally she picks a subject and starts pinning everything she can find about it, from recipes for the perfect pizza to beaches in Europe to fashion week street style. 

FAVE OVERALL PINNER: The Coveteur, they pin more than just fashion (a lot of Chanel and Proenza Schouler to be found here), whoever manages their Pinterest has a great sense of humor and pins funny pics and inspirational quotes. 

FAVE BRAND PINNER: Kate Spade New York, I just love the aesthetic of this brand, so quirky and girly.


What I've been up to on Instagram lately! I'm new at this so, sorry in advance for the one too many pictures of food and shoes. I love them both, they make me happy. Follow me, I'm @eu503

From the top: random shot / hot dog topping ideas / food 2 / my Milly for Sperry Topsider / food 3 /  keep calm / a great party hosting tip / sock bun / technicolor nails / another great quote / food 4 / food 5 / my two great loves: polka dots + shoes / I love buttoning up my shirts, like a geek / Kate Spade / pink party invites! / my room and DIY preview / DIY project / my sea mess of shoes / my fave Brian Atwoods

happy store spotlight: J.Crew

I do a lot of online shopping. Out of the budget I allow myself for shopping each month, I spend most of it online. My favorite brands are very hard if not impossible to find here, and the prices online are always better. I usually only buy stuff that's on sale to make up for the ridiculous import taxes (28% for clothes in case you were wondering) Despite that markup, I think it's still way better to shop online because of the variety of stuff. Don't tell me that it hasn't happened to you, that you score a nice dress at Zara only to wear it out and see at least two other girls wearing it.

Besides the variety of clothes, you know what else is missing from our local stores? Nice decor. Stores here make no effort at all. Have you been to the "new" MNG? Lucky for them that their clothes are nice, because I go into that store and lose my will to shop. Bad lighting, crowded racks, teeny dressing rooms. It reminds me of an outlet mall store, without the outlet prices. I'd still shop there and at other stores guilty of being fugly, but would it kill store owners to spruce up their places a bit? You wouldn't have someone important over at your house without cleaning it up, would you?

A few weeks ago I featured on the blog one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie. Going into one of those stores, is like a girly, bohemian paradise. So, so, SO pretty. I think we're lucky for NOT having that store here, because I think I wouldn't have a paycheck left every two weeks. What Anthro is to the boho girl, J.Crew is to the preppy girl. Not all of their stores are as nice as Anthro ones, but there are certain ones that do tug at your purse heart strings. Here are a few shots of J.Crew South Beach, my all time fave!

Can I ask you a question?

Hi readers! The blog has been officialy open for two months, so I'm celebrating a mini anniversary around here! The response I've received is (by far) a lot more than I had expected, words can't express how awesome it feels every time someone tells me that they read something and even better, that they liked it. The beginning of this project was especially hard, not really knowing what to write about, or those moments of doubt when I think to myself "seriously, who will want to read about this?!". Those latter ones are the worst, twice I've come so close to just closing down the blog, but something always makes me stop myself, usually someone like you who's reading this right now :) 

The blog scene is really growing here in El Salvador, and I love that fashion blogs are really starting to make a splash. I know Bloom isn't a fashion blog in the strict sense, but fashion is one of my greatest passions, so it makes me happy that through this project I've heard from people out there who are interested in the same things. I hope you keep on reading and more importantly, I hope you enjoy reading the blog. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I'd really love to hear from you and what you'd like the blog to be about.  THANK YOU for letting me share this with you, seriously, you're awesome and the best thing to happen to me since those mini nutella packs at the supermarket (instant happiness)

One last thing, I have a HUGE favor to ask you. Please help me build a better blog by answering this short poll! It's only a couple of questions long, and anonymous in case you're shy :) CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE POLL!

Teen Choice Awards

Last night while I was channel surfing I stumbled upon the Teen Choice Awards. It's been a while since I sat through a teen awards ceremony, and the results were well, interesting. My top 10 thoughts throughout the two hours I stuck with the show were the following:

1. Demi Lovato's ponytail was insane. Reminded me of My Little Pony a bit. Why is this girl famous?

2. Speaking of which WHY IS KRISTEN STEWART FAMOUS?! She's so awkward and seems to hate that she has to be there and be nice to people. I get that she's Snow White pretty, but what the eff, pretty girls are a dime a dozen in Holllywood, non?

3. Out of the entire cast of Glee they picked Artie to host? He and Demi are the two most awkward hosts ever. Chris Colfer's there, why didn't he host? Kurt is way cooler. 

4. I'm so old, I have no idea who half of these people are. They must be out of Disney Channel shows or something? Maybe I don't watch enough TV. Mini wave for me!

5. Someday, I hope I look as good as Nina Dobrev looks in a dress. I've heard she does a lot of Pilates. Should I take up Pilates? Who am I kidding, I don't have it in me to do three hours of Pilates a day. Pilates is such a great word. Pilates.

6. Speaking of Nina Dobrev and people who I didn't know where on TV, why are there two Nina Dobrevs?! There's another girl at the show who looks just like her. Will the real Nina pull a Slim Shady and please stand up?

7. Selena Gomez looks really cute in pink. Best dressed girl at the event. She's like a healthy version of Miley Cirus. Selena, please don't do drugs and take naked pictures of yourself that end up on the internet, you seem so nice.

8. Everybody's so tan on this show. I need a tan ASAP, my skin looks green. 

9. Pauly D is the DJ of this party. Seriously? You should've gown with the lesser famous Knowles sister. Why do all of these teens scream when they talk about Pauly?! Do they want to be him??? I'm worried.

10. Who are those two little girls with Ellen DeGeneres? They are so sweet they make me diabetic.  Amazeballs. 

seeing spots

I think polka dots and stripes are officially the new neutrals. They go great with other solid colours as well as with any pattern, I especially love how they look with florals. Here, I'm wearing them in a very basic way with trouser jeans and one of my fave neon bags. Happy monday! :)


Top: Zara // Jeans: 7 for all Mankind // Bag: Zara // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelets: Banana Republic (coral), Pull & Bear (love bracelets worn with watch) // Sunglasses: Ray Ban 

sunday funday: cheesy bacon burgers

I love bacon. I think that bacon can make anything better. I've tried the usual, with alongside my eggs with breakfast and in sandwiches. I've tried it in not so usual ways, like in chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. Because I want you to have a great sunday, I'm recommending you have bacon burgers. I also suggest you try and do them yourself. It's incredibly easy, you must trust me. You can make them in your kitchen, you don't need a grill or any fancy equipment. Just make sure to follow the tips I give you bellow. I'm no burger expert, but I am a burger fan and I've read a lot of blogs on the subject and have eaten a lot of burgers, so I do think I'm good at telling what makes a great burger. I also had coaching from the boyfriend, and he cooks and grills all the time, so he kind of is a burger expert. 

If you live in El Salvador, you've probably tried or at least heard of Rustico burgers (Shake Shack if you live further up north). I dare say, that these are that good. And a whole lot cheaper, we made three for about $10. Don't settle for McDonald's, carpe diem, have a burger and enjoy :)

Ingredients, makes 3 burgers:

3/4 pounds ground beef
1 chorizo, whichever kind you like
Bacon, as much or as little as you want
3 buns
3 thin cheddar-mozzarella slices
6 thin provolone cheese slices
Fixings: curry ketchup, dijon mustard, lettuce, chips

1. TIP: Buying your meat is the most important part. Supermarkets normally have three kinds of ground beef: regular, premium and the super duper premium kind. More expensive, doesn't mean better. The more expensive the ground beef, the less fat it has, so go for the premium kind. Your meat should contain a little bit of fat to make your burgers tastier and juicier. 

Mix your meat with your chorizo (take it out of the casing) and a teaspoon of pepper. A good burger doesn't need anything more than pepper and salt (more on salt later). Trust me. Don't add any mustard or sauces, I've seen people do this, but good meat doesn't need this.

2. Take a third of the meat and form a patty with your hands. Add a cut up slice of cheddar-mozzarella cheese

3. Close up the patty so that the cheese gets trapped in the middle. Think pupusas for the technique, but don't make the patties too flat. The patty should fit in the palm of your hand and be about an inch thick. 

4. TIP: NOW is the time to salt your patties. Salt them on both sides right before they hit the pan. DO NOT salt your meat when you're making the patties. Having salt in the middle of the patties makes them loose their juices while they're cooking, resulting in dry burgers. It's worse if you form the patties and you don't cook them right away. If you salted them before hand, they will lose all their juices while resting. Nobody likes dry burgers. 

Heat up your pan, spray it lightly with non stick cooking spray. Place your patties in the pan.

5. For well done burgers, they should cook about five minutes on each side. Flip them often! I once saw on the Food Network that this is the way to go, so this is the way I make mine. 

6. Don't worry if a little bit of cheese oozes from the burgers. 

7. This is what the burgers should look like when they're done.

8. TIP about the bread: don't use burger buns. Hit your favorite bakery and ask which bread they recommend for burgers. I bought these buns at San Martin, they're round chiabatas. Great tip from the lady at the bakery!

9. Cheese them now! The heat from the burger will melt the cheese. This is why it's important to ask for extra thin slices. You should be able to almost see through them. 

10. Add the bacon now! The more the better. We used candied bacon, check out the how-to below.

11. More bacon

12. And more bacon. Lettuce in the background, for a little added green and crispiness

13. A good burger always needs chips, enjoy! I made is yesterday, my mouth is watering right now from writing this, just so you know

THE EXTRAS: candied bacon and chips! 

Burgers need sidekicks, and I mean good sidekicks, not the Batman-and-Robin kind, think Batman-and-Alfred. Bacon and chips are the Alfreds to our Batman.

There is no burger without bacon, end of story. If you'd like to make your bacon even better (it IS possible), try it candied. I always make my bacon in the toaster oven, it's less messy and you don't get bacon fat on yourself. Set your oven to medium low heat so that you don't burn the bacon. Mine took about 20 minutes to be ready, but it varies from oven to oven and heat setting so watch yours closely. 

To make candied bacon: Add brown sugar to the bacon halfway through it's baking (about 10 minutes in), it should still have some pink parts on it. Go for about half a teaspoon of sugar per slice. Pop them back into the oven for another extra 10 minutes. 

Chips are also very important for burgers. We were too lazy (and hungry) to make french fries, so we stuck with potato chips. The real kicker came from these Jalapeno Popper Cheese Curls. If you like spicy food, you MUST try these! They're incredibly good. Bought them at Super Selectos.

hello sunshine!

So, remember when I said I was camera shy? Well today I'm taking a step towards overcoming my shyness all in hopes of making Bloom a better blog. Starting today, I'll start posting photos of what I'm wearing instead of using polyvore. I just have to say, it was damn hard to do this. I had no one to take the pictures, so I had to do it myself. I felt silly doing this for the first time, mostly because I kept thinking I looked like those people who take self portraits of their reflections on bathroom mirrors. They think they look so sexy. 

The weather's been so hot lately, I love wearing dresses during the weekend. I always miss one thing about work during the weekend: the air conditioning. Hope you like this new feature, and like a wise toy once said, To infinity and beyond! 

PS. Go out and have a michelada :)

Dress: anthropologie, Sandals: Zara, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company via Shopbop, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

pretty in pink

Olivia Palermo can do no wrong, even if she looks like a super sweet sixteen quiero mis quince cake topper. I bought this pink lace blouse about a month ago, and every time I see it, I can't help but remember Olivia in her pink Valentino. Someday I'll get to wear the real thing... even if it's just for fun in a Saks dressing room. This is what I'm wearing for casual drinks tonight, hope you have fun! :)

pretty in pink

Madewell lace top

7 For All mankind

When I grow up I want to be...

This week, I've been having a quarter life crisis. Ever had a moment (or days in my case) where you questioned if you were where you wanted to be? Or worse, felt bad because you knew you weren't where you thought you'd be? You know what? DON'T WORRY. You're not alone, we can figure this out. Together if you want to. Besides, it's friday. There's no worrying allowed on fridays. If you're stressed, at least have a drink. Or some ice cream with a ton of whipped cream.

If you don't believe me that you shouldn't worry, then take Forbes's word instead. They have a story where they show you 20 ways to find your calling, and why everything will turn out ok when you grow up (whenever that might be for you). It's even got pictures, because they know everyone uses their brains less on a friday. Read the story HERE! :)

what I want

My shopping rules

I have a shopping rule that has saved me from buyer's remorse, it works 99% of the times guaranteed: If you see something you like, but are hesitant to buy it for any reason, wait at least a day before getting out your credit card. If you're still thinking about it the next day, go ahead and get it. 

Another tip, if it's a sale or one of a kind, check the store's return policy. If they're easy on returns and will give you your cash back (not store credit), buy it but don't take the tags off! Wait for a while and if you still like it after a couple of days and can't wait to wear it, feel proud you made a great buy! If not, no problem, just hit the returns desk.

I'm also a serial online shopper/stalker. I'm suscribed to all of the maling lists of my favorite stores, like Saks, J.Crew,  and anthropologie to always be in the know of what's new. If I see something I like, I then add it to my cart, and wait for it to hit a sale to buy it. If you're suscribed to their maling lists, stores will always send you an email when your item goes on sale (Shopbop is great at this), and you'll be the first to know about discount codes. This has saved me hundreds of dollars. I get my stuff delivered to El Salvador through Trans Express. 

I leave you with the things I'm coveting right now, I've got my online stalker cap on! :)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 

got plans for tonight?

Las quiero invitar al primer Pink Wednesday, este miércoles 18 de julio en Circo! Es el primero de varios Pink Wednesday organizados por La Liga Nacional Contra el Cáncer y el tema de la noche será "Dream Closet": una noche de glamour, pink y mucha diversión! Habrá muchas sorpresas organizadas por la Liga y sus patrocinadores, como Nine West y OPI.

Durante la fiesta, la Liga estará recaudando fondos para patrocinar sus esfuerzos de lucha contra el cáncer. Entre los proyectos que tiene la Liga, están la construcción y operaciones de facilidades dedicadas exclusivamente al tratamiendo e investigación del cáncer. Los fondos ayudarán a que muchas personas obtengan tratamiento, quiénes probablemente no tendrían acceso de no ser por estos centros. La Liga busca además que más jóvenes como nosotros estemos enterados sobre la enfermedad, y lo más importante, qué podemos hacer para ayudar!

La fiesta del día de mañana es invitación en mano, pero si quieres ir y no tienes una, estoy regalando dos invitaciones dobles! Solo mandame un correo a o a través de facebook. Espero podamos contar con tu ayuda!

Link oficial del evento en facebook AQUI!

I want to invite you guys tomorrow to a super fashionable night! Bonus, it's for a GREAT cause! Tomorrow night The National League Against Cancer is hosting its FIRST ever Pink Wednesday at Circo. The theme for this first Pink Wednesday is "Dream Closet": a night full of glamour, pink and lots of surprises by the Night's sponsors like Nine West and OPI. 

During the party, the League will be raising funds for their fight against Cancer. Among the projects that they have lined up, is the construction of hospital facilities dedicated exclusively to cancer treatment and research. The funds will help a lot of patients in need of treatment, who can't get the help they need through their own means. The League depends on these kinds of events and the good will of everyone who attends them, to have more people get to know them and their work, and through volunteers  communicate their message about the seriousness of this disease and what everyone can do to help!

The party is invitation only, so if you don't have one and want to join in on the fun, I'm giving away two invites (valid for two people each)! Just send me an email at or write on our wall! First come, first served. I hope we can count on you, see you there!

one outfit, two ways

This weekend as I was talking to a friend, I realized something: I no longer own "going out" clothes. When I was a teenager and in my early twenties, I had two kinds of clothes: going out clothes, and "normal day" clothes. I didn't have a job, and my only big daily duty was going to college, which didn't require me looking my best every day. That's why while I never left the house without make-up or doing my hair, I didn't exactly wear nice things. My nicer tops and killer heels were bought thinking about and worn 99.9% of the time only during the weekend. 

I don't know when or how it happened, but I stopped thinking about two categories when buying clothes or shoes, and only buy one category: "nice" things. I'm not one to think much about the practicality of the things I wear (I'll wear the five inch heels even if my feet scream because they're so pretty), but I do try to buy only things I truly love and think I can wear anywhere. That's probably why I love cardigans so much: wear them over a nice top for the office, take off the cardigan for after work drinks! I also no longer buy t-shirts, but look for tops in nice frabics like silk, cotton or those that have embelishments. 

Shoes are also huge when taking an ouffit from office, to drinks and everywhere in between. I wore this exact same outfit about two weeks ago with flats for hitting the mall, and wore it today with heels to the office. Happy tuesday shoes-day! :)

one outfit, two ways

J Crew block top


Nine West platform high heels
$100 -

Forever 21 necklace

be happy!

My bedroom is currently undergoing a budget renovation. It's actually been that way for most of 2012, and it's taking so long because I only buy materials for a project every time I get paid. Bonus, it's also been an exercise in will power. The three biggest problems I've found are: 

1. Finding storage space that won't break the bank
2. Sorting through my things and deciding what to keep, what to sell and what to give away
3. Finding budget friendly ways to decorate and make my room my own

One of the biggest and by far most dramatic projects I've tackled was painting the room a different color. I did it all myself, because I splurged on paint so I had no money left to hire someone to do the painting for me. Plus, if I had an extra $100 lying around, I'd probably save it or buy shoes. My motto: Always DIY it if it can be done for cheaper. Except washing my car, I hate doing that. The whole paint job took me about a week, and not even cross-fit has made my arms hurt so bad. But it was so worth it. 

I love that my room now had bright glossy walls, but I still felt that there was something missing. I set my sights on a wall gallery, so I asked at my local hardware store how expensive it would be to frame stuff, and every frame ranged in price from $15 to $45. So, 10 photos * about $30 each = NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. Remembering my motto, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I found a story  The Glitter Guide did on the home of blogger Katie Rogers from Paper Fashion, which featured photos hung on the walls using inexpensive japanese washi tape (fancy name for tirro). 


One of my favorite Pinterest boards is my be happy! board, where I pin inspirational and funny quotes.

1. I chose my favorite ones,
2. arranged them in tabloids using photoshop,
3. printed them out in cardstock**,
4. cut them up and hung them using double stick tape, and accenting some with yellow washi tape I bought at a hardware store.

For under $15 (the cost of ONE frame), I now have a whole gallery :)

**If you don't have photoshop, all printers have graphic designers who will arrange the images for you.

I love shoes

I have a huge soft spot for shoes. Out of anything I have in my closet, shoes are by far my fave.  They cost more than jeans and tops, but you get a ton more mileage out of them. The biggest thing about shoes, they always fit. You can gain or lose ten pounds, and half your clothes won't fit you anymore, but shoes? They're always there for you. I bought these Stuart Weitzman's online, and when they finally arrived I wasn't so sure they were my style. They're so comfortable they've grown on me. Hooray for shoes!

cap toe monday

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