anchors away!

I'm obsessed with nautical everything. It all started with stripes on my clothes, accesories, bed linens, you name it. My fixation with nautical themed things has grown past stripes and blue to something more literal: anchors. This weekend, finding myself with a little bit too much spare time on my hands, I decided to DIY a little something nautical inspired: an anchor pillow!  This can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour, depends on how lazy crafty you are.


- An anchor template (google this)
- Felt
- A pillow (or you can make your own)
- Needle and thread or if you can't be bothered with sewing, a glue gun
- Pins


1. Google around a little until you find an anchor template that you like. My printer has decided to stop working, so I drew mine based on an anchor I found online. Cut your template.

2. Pin your template to your felt piece and cut it.

3. Take your anchor and place it any way you like on your pillow. You can then hot glue it to your pillow (the fast way), or sew it on your pillow using thread that matches your anchor exactly. I chose the sewing way, it takes a lot longer but your pillow will last longer that way. It took me about an hour to do everything while watching tv. 

Shopping List:

If you live in El Salvador, here's where I got everything:

- Pillow: 3 Puntos
- Felt, thread, pins: Almacenes PacĂ­fico
- If you're in the market for a glue gun, Freund sells cheap ones.

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