Beauty pick of the week: Black Dahlia by Givenchy

Long time no see! There's a lot going on this week, with fashion month officially going on right now, I so wish I were in New York. I payed a visit to my local beauty counter yesterday at first looking for the new Coco Noir Chanel perfume, and though I liked it, it just isn't me. It smells a lot like flowers, "dazzle of black and Venice", it comprises grapefruit and Calabrian bergamot, a heart of rose absolute, rose essence, jasmine absolute, narcissus and rose geranium leaf" according to Chanel, but I like my perfumes on the fresh side.

I then headed over to Givenchy to try their new perfume, Black Dahlia. When I think "Black Dahlia", I picture the murdered girl, not the flower, so I think it's an interesting choice of name for a perfume. After a little bit of googling, I've discovered the fragance is called Black Dahlia because the woman who wears it "is mysterious and leaves a lot to the imagination". Did you know that the dahlia flower is considered mysterious because it has no smell? 

I think the perfume's great, it's woody and the total opposite of the fragance I usually wear, Chanel Chance (a "fun" fragance). When I smell Black Dahlia, I think of someone classy and sophisticated. The fragance is definitely great for a night out and special occasions. It is very expensive, a bottle starts for just under $100 at Siman, so I wouldn't wear it daily anyway at that price.

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