the party nail!

Accent nail. Cocktail mani. Party nail (my fave). Mix and match mani. Put a ring on it mani (for the recently engaged!). The blinger. Disco mani. They all sound fun right? They're all different ways of calling one same mani: one where every nail is the same color, except for the one on your ring finger. I'm not much of a nail art person, so I love this idea, especially when I can't choose a single color to wear. There really isn't a color combo you can't pull off, the sky's the limit! I especially like combos where the colors compliment each other. Check out the pics to see what I mean! 

This is my fave way to wear an accent nail, try keeping the colors similar! I love the way pinks and reds go together, and you can wear either a dark shade on four fingers and a light shade on your ring finger or the other way around!

Top: try glittery sparkly nail polish!

Bottom: Like I said, I'm not a huge fan of complicated nail art, but stripes or polka dots sound like a good idea

Top: Nail colors don't have to be matchy! Almost any color will do, the thing is that YOU like it!

Bottom: You don't have to wear your accent nail on your ring finger, your index finger makes a  great party nail too! 

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