Traveling on a budget part 2: spirit airlines

The ugly about coming back from vacation? No, not your credit card bill. That inevitable moment someone will mention it to you, or you will remember that "x days ago I was shopping at x". Today I didn't wake up with a shopping craving but with something much worse, munchies for a piece of Whole Foods carrot cake. I ate a cookie, but it just wasn't enough. The craving eventually went away, but it sucks to have that feeling that you want something you just had a couple of days ago! 

I'll probably have to wait at least a year to have a piece of that delicious carrot cake, but at least traveling up north lately has gotten a whole lot cheaper since Spirit Air started operating from our airport. I don't have the complete 411 about how airlines work here in El Salvador, but what I know is that the law makes it really hard for new airlines to start operating. That's why when last year the cheap airline started flying from our airport, I did a little victory dance! I had been hesitant about trying it, and even asked around if someone had flown Spirit, but nothing. So, like with airbnb, I just said carpe diem, bought my ticket and hoped for the best. 

Miami Beach

The good:

1. Those PRICES: 

Seriously, it's ridiculous. Even though I had to pay extra for my bags, my ticket including all of those zillion annoying taxes you have to pay, came up to under $250. The only thing that could beat that price is flying with frequent flyer miles. 

2. The schedule:

Some people might hate red eye flights, but I love them. You arrive extremely early at your destination, but you get to enjoy a whole day there the day you arrive. Nothing interesting is open before 9am anyway, so there's no wasted time if you sleep off your jetlag. When coming back, it's also great because you get to do other things other than worry about arriving at the airport on time. 

Sunny Weather :)

The not so good:

1. The delays:

Be warned, their flights are always delayed. This can be a problem if Miami isn't your final destination. My flight was an hour delayed from SAL to FLL, and a whopping two hours late when coming back home. I didn't have a problem with that, but it sucks if you are going to have someone pick you up from the airport. Have them check online if the flight is going to be on time before leaving to pick you up. Speaking of which...

2. Make sure there's someone picking you up at the airport:

There are no cabs at the time the flight lands here in El Salvador, the airport is basicaly deserted so make sure you have a plan for getting home when your delayed flight lands. 

3. Luggage fees:

Their flight prices are ridiculously low, so I guess this is why they charge for bags. Make sure to buy them online and not at the counter, because that way they are about $10 cheaper. I didn't have trouble taking with me a small (16 inch) wheelie without having to pay extra, so don't worry and think that you'll only be stuck with your handbag as a free carry-on item. Just make sure to measure your bag first, to see if it matches the dimensions for free bags on Spirit's website. 

One last tip, watch out for weight. Spirit only allows 40 pound bags free of charge, which is 10 pounds less than other airlines. All of this measuring and weighing can be a hassle, but you can get a ticket for less than $300, so I'm not complaining (that much at least). I would 100% fly Spirit again. 

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