why everyone should watch downton abbey

Now that all of my favorite shows have wrapped their seasons, I find myself with a lot of free TV time. I'm not a huge TV fan, but there are a couple of shows I watch loyaly every week: Mad Men, Gossip Girl and Revenge. During last winter's hiatus, I discovered the PERFECT show to fill my TV void, and now I want to share it with you: Downton Abbey. You've probably heard about this british show before. Lots of designers, from Ralph Lauren to Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton have shown Fall-Winter 2012 collections heavily influenced by early the early1900 fashions shown. But the gorgeous clothes are only a small part of why I love this show. 

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Downton Abbey follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants during the early 1900s (think Titanic era). I'm a sucker for english period dramas (doesn't everything sound prettier in a british accent?). I loved the Pride and Prejudice movie and watch it every single time I catch it on TV, and this show reminds me of it. It's like every Jane Austen novel rolled into one neat and pretty looking, well-dressed package. 

You know another reason I love this show? (I've said "love" about a zillion times in two paragraphs, sorry I'm a woman obssessed) THE CHARACTERS, especially Maggie Smith who plays the Dowager Countess: she is one bitchy lady and I love her for it! Among her best lines: "I'm a woman and I can be as contrary as I choose!", "Don't be so defeatist dear, it's so middle class!" (to her niece). Everyone, even the servants, are snobby on this show. I find their snobbery very amusing, because this is no Toddlers and Tiaras, this show is highbrow and complex and it almost makes you feel smart for watching it. It's full of historic references and accurate period information, from the sinking of the Titanic to World War I, think of it as a History Channel Lite. 

On the opposite end, the show is oh so telenovela. All of the characters have at least one dark secret, which conveniently for our amusement, always pop up at the most unconvenient times. There are love stories everywhere: from the rich girl who falls for her driver, to the servant who falls in love with the married buttler. The villains are beyond evil, and the insults are great! You can feel smart and guilty for watching this show at the same time! And I've never been on crack, but this is what it must feel like. You just can't stop watching it. One weekend, I was sick with the flu and watched an entire season in a day. It's just that addictive. 

So what are you waiting for??? Give this show a chance! The characters are fabulously wealthy, have great taste, live in gorgeous houses and have rich people problems. It's addictive escapism.

***note: sorry for not writing this post in spanish, but I think it would've been too long :)

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