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September issues are legendary for being Bible-thick. They are always significantly thicker than any other month's issue because they feature all of the new looks for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. It's so big because it's transitional, but if this is the case, why isn't march just as popular as september you might wonder? Because right after september comes the biggest and most important season of the year for retailers: holiday shopping! That's why the bulk of the september issues is made up not of magazine articles, but of ads! Some people might be annoyed of having endless pages of ads in magazines, but I've learned to love them. They keep on getting better every year! Here are my faves :)

Talk about flower power... this is stunning

The embroidery, the detail on the sleeves, it's like a modern day princess dress 

I wish I had this dress in my closet and a party to wear it to... 

J.Crew seriously understands me so well...

My closet is calling for that polka dot bag, my wallet shakes in fear 

Dior's celebration of the 120 issues of Vogue, so ladylike

Celebrating the world's greatest love stories... this is too cute, it's just like the scene at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's

You go Glenn Coco! This Cavalli dress is totes amaze, and as usual, Coco Rocha making a face

Can I be a geek? I'm a sucker for great color combos and fonts

That dress... so elegant

Love all of these shades of blue, they remind me of the ocean 

A smiling model sighting! So rare, it's like finding a unicorn 

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