Do's and Don'ts with Rachel Zoe

One of my favorite time's of year in fashion is coming up: September issue season! I love that Glamour magazine is featuring on their cover one of my favorite fashion people, Victoria Beckham (more so because of her Spice Girls reunion). Bits of their issue are already appearing on their website, and my fave one so far besides Posh, was an interview they did with stylist/designer/thinnest woman alive Rachel Zoe. I watched a couple of episodes of her reality show, and I thought it was one of the most ridiculous pieces of TV I've ever seen. If you played a drinking game and did a shot for every time she said the word "bananas" on that show, you'd probably had to get your stomach pumped. Rachel is one crazy over the top lady, but underneath her seven thousand layers of fur, sunglasses and costume jewelry, lies a woman with a great eye for putting together gorgeous outfits. I thought most of her do's and dont's were spot on, so here are my faves!

DON'T wear pants the wrong length:

Look Ma, no feet!

From her show, I've learnt that this woman has completely lost her touch with reality, which is why it's not strange that she "jokingly" suggests you buy two pairs of the same pants and have one hemmed for flats and one for heels. The rule: unless your pants are ankle length on purpose, they should always skim the ground, and hit about a quarter inch above the bottom of your foot. If you're wearing skinnies, they should hit no more than a quarter inch above the top part of your foot. Don't wear them any shorter than this!

DON'T mix hardware:
So apparently, you can have too much of a good thing...

This is also a peeve of mine, which is why usually, all of my costume jewelry and watches have gold finishes and I own almost no silver. Don't mix different metals, if your bag has silver and your jacket and belt have gold accents, don't wear them together. Only Beyonce can pull this off. 

DON'T bedazzle:
THIS is what my nightmares are made of

I'm with Rachel on this one, NO crazy spikes and glitter and rhinestones all over your clothes, much worse if they spell something. On your ass. Please take them off.

DO think big picture:
High fives all around! These ladies look great!

Your hair and make-up matter as much as your clothes do. Getting dressed is a head to toe experience, so do think about your hair and style it somehow. It doesn't have to be salon-straight, try braids a ponytail or a top knot! 

DO copy people:
I wish I got stuff for free too...

She recommends keeping track of celebrities whose styles you like or have similar bodies to yourself and trying to copy what they wear, that way you'll have a better idea of what to buy when you hit the stores! Pinterest is your best friend for this!

If you want more tips, you can read Rachel's interview HERE!

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