the supers

Apparently you either loved or hated the mini supermodel segment of yesterday's Olympic Closing Ceremony. OK so "supermodels" do NOT scream "sports!" to anyone, but last night wasn't only about the athletes, it was a celebration of Britain's role in pop culture. Who hasn't heard of Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell?? I bet that almost everyone you ask has heard about them, even if it is for the drugs or the crazy phone-throwing ways. To me, that part of the show was great: the dresses were gorgeous, they looked ah-mazing and fashion is as much a part of Britain as their music and sports like football. Here's a closer look at their gorgeous dresses, and shots of the models in British Vogue. 

Top Left: Walking during the show / Center: Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen / Right: Karen Elson in Burberry
Bottom Left: Naomi Campbell in Alexander McQueen / Center: Stella Tennant in Christopher Kane / Right: Lily Donaldson in Vivienne Westwood

All photos from Vogue UK, read more about the models HERE!

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