garance dore for kate spade new york

garance dore for kate spade new york

garance dore for kate spade new york por euramirez 

Ugh, I hate it when this happens. Mid morning office break, make some tea, check my personal e-mail and "new arrivals from Kate Spade!", click on e-mail and bam! There it was, so perfect, so simple, so chic: THIS pullover. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I officialy have problems, besides being a shopaholic... Problem 1: Expensive pullover. Problem 2: Apparently it's a exclusive, and they don't take salvadoran credit cards. A half an hour of googling later, but no, no pullover anywhere

The collection is slowly making it's way on other retailer's websites, check out my faves below, seriously, it's lovely. Just looking at it makes me smile wider than photos of puppies and baby koalas. I want it ALL. It was about time that Garance scored a collab, she is one of the pioneers of fashion bloggers and an awesome illustrator. She's always posting photos of her very fashionable friends and being funny. Check out her website HERE! :)

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