experiment day 2

I didn't have as much resolve today as I did yesterday in creating today's outfit. It's somewhat weird  (to me) to show you what I'm wearing every day, but I think it's a great exercise to make sure I'm really wearing everything I have in my closet. I hope I don't get lazy and skip a day, I think it'll be interesting to see the things I wear the most. 

I love this sweater by J.Crew, the blue and orange colors of the flowers keep it from feeling too froo froo girly. Another thing, if you don't have trouser jeans, don't walk, run and get a pair. They make legs look so much longer, plus you're comfy all day if you wear them with wedges. It's fun to pretend you're floating because they cover your feet. Have a great day :) 

experiment day 2

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