out with the old...

If someone understands, it's Carrie. We both share the same substance abuse problem: buying footwear

I'm frustrated. Yesterday I finally finished cleaning out my closet to make room for the things I brought back from my trip, and my stuff just doesn't fit anymore. I have pairs of shoes on my bedroom floor. Seriously, walking around with the lights off is a hazard. My clothes come out wrinkled every morning no matter how pressed I put them in after laundry day. My button downs look as if I'd slept in them. I think the thrill of the purchase has finally gotten the best of me. 

In yesterday's cleaning frenzy, I imposed on myself this rule: if one comes in, one must go out. That is how I finished with a pile of over thirty items on my floor. And now what?! They clothes are all in great condition, most of them things I fast-fashion shopped and only wore once or twice. I felt so sorry looking at all of them lying there with nowhere to go. It was so bad, that I dreamt that my shoes killed me in my sleep. I still don't get how I can complain that I have nothing to wear, but the thing is, all those clothes are victims of my terrible impulse shopping addiction: worn once and then forgotten.

So what to do with them? Anyone want to take them off my hands? Anyone interested in having a swap party with me? If I held a "garage sale", would you shop it? I know clothes are not like say, puppies, and that you're not supposed to regard material things highly, but I just want them to end up in a good home and be worn! Any ideas???

This is before Cher got her revolving closet, how cool was that? I still dream of one!

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