a fashion experiment

I love street style fashion blogs. I get a lot of my outfit inspirations from other blogs, and I admire girls like Kendie, BlaireJules and Lacey, who post what they're wearing every day. It's people like them who have influenced me and inspired me to blog: to share a part of yourself, the things you like and hopefully to make at least one person a day smile because of something you said or wore. It's not about numbers, it's about being happy expressing yourself, even if no one ever reads it (but I secretly hope that someone does). 

I'm terribly camera shy, so I can't say that I'll be posting outfits of myself wearing anything, but since fashion is one of my greatest passions (so much it makes me rhyme), starting today, I'll be posting a few outfit ideas using Polyvore (an oldie but goodie).

I work at a very relaxed and casual office, everyone comes to work wearing jeans and even jeans with sneakers, it's a very comfort seeking environment. I think that the only place were sneakers are acceptable are the gym, but that doesn't mean I can't be comfy too.  

Here's what I'm wearing today :)

1. Flats for comfort if you have to do a lot of walking around
2. Layers to stay warm (office a/c can be a blessing or a curse)
3. I love colorblocking 

casual chic

J Crew knit top

Silk blouse

Tory burch flat

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