the pinterest awards

I think we can all agree on the fact that Pinterest is more addictive than nutella. The only days I haven't pinned something were one, because I was in the hospital and two, because I had no internet access. Those two were very sad days. 

My favorite part are the pins of the people I'm following. It's so good, I almost never click on the "everything" tab. Every month or so, I get anal and organize my Pinterest. I weed through my favorite pinners and look out for other people to follow (Refinery29 and IFB are great places to look). If you're looking to make over your Pinterest feed, I leave you with my Pinterest Awards: the very best from my boards and who I'm following :) 

ps. follow me on pinterest HERE! :)

FAVE FASHION PINNER: Eat Sleep Wear, so many street style photos on this feed! There's a reason why she has over a million followers...

FAVE BEAUTY PINNER: The Beauty Department, my fave daily dose of pretty! Love (most) of their tutorials, they have a ton of those

FAVE FOOD PINNER: It's a tie between:

sweet collections, I love love love baking, and she pins tons of great baking and cake decorating tutorials.

Food Gawker, I'm a foodie so foodgawker is my favorite from all the -gawker websites. I love their Pinterest because they only pin their most popular recipes.

FAVE HOME DECOR PINNER: Sadie + Stella, lots of eclectic interiors and design ideas!

FAVE CRAFTY PINNER: Jenni Radosevich, she has a ton of tutorials on her website, mostly DIY home decor and jewelry. Her boards are so great because she pins a lot of her inspirations.

MOST REPINNED PINNER: Miss Pin A Holic, like her name suggests, she pins A LOT. Normally she picks a subject and starts pinning everything she can find about it, from recipes for the perfect pizza to beaches in Europe to fashion week street style. 

FAVE OVERALL PINNER: The Coveteur, they pin more than just fashion (a lot of Chanel and Proenza Schouler to be found here), whoever manages their Pinterest has a great sense of humor and pins funny pics and inspirational quotes. 

FAVE BRAND PINNER: Kate Spade New York, I just love the aesthetic of this brand, so quirky and girly.

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