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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that landing your "dream" job, is one of the things almost everyone aspires to. This dream job means different things for different people, to me, it would be to own and run a party planning business, a bakery boutique or my own shop. 

Earlier this year, the company I work for sent my team and I to a motivational seminar. One of the things that stuck with me, was when the guy giving the seminar, asked everyone to raise their hands if they had a dream. All hands shot up. Then he asked us, how many of us had written down these dreams or were doing something to help us achieve them. No hands went up. Then came the interesting part: he told us that unless we wrote down our dreams, they probably wouldn't ever come true. I'd never heard about that before, but even if he was only telling us that to add some drama to the seminar, I feel good for sharing my dreams with you because this is the first time I've: a) written them down, b) shared them with anyone. So maybe this is my (microscopic) step ONE, to finally doing something about landing my "dream" job.

Today I read over on Refinery 29 a series of short interviews with seven creative professionals: a boutique owner, two of their senior editors, a chef, an interior designer, a publicist, and a museum curator. I leave you with my favorite parts of the interviews: the best and the worst advice they've ever received. If you want to read the whole story, you can find it HERE!


"Take risks. You'll never be successful if you always play it safe."

"I could make a loooong list here, but I'll keep it to three things. 1. Take the time to gain real experience and learn and study from those that are successful. 2. Don't burn any bridges. The fashion world is really small and you'll need all the help you can get. 3. Don't be influenced by what others are doing. Keep your idea as original as possible."

"I think internships are so crucial. Everything I've learned was obtained not by sitting in a class and reading about it, but by really being hands-on in the field from any early age. I would say interning, along with persistence, and a stellar work ethic will never steer you wrong." 

“You can't stick flowers in an asshole and call it a vase.” 

"Work hard. Be determined. Don't give up."

"Interior design is a service industry as much as it is a creative one. Make everyone in the projects happy by being honest, sincere, and hard-working. Take care of the community that allows you to do what you do."

"Someone in baseball said, ‘Don't point to the outfield, just keep your head down and go about your business.’ I think that is the best advice. Just do your absolute best from moment to moment and the hits will come."

"First, find a mentor, someone who has what you want and ask them if you can buy them a cup of coffee. Find out how they got there. I'm also very big on saying 'yes' to life. If an opportunity comes your way, unless you have a gut feeling that it is wrong, don't have the time to do it right, or any other sound reason, do it. This is pretty much 100% how my life has unfolded. If you are interested in marketing or PR, get an internship immediately. What we do really can't be taught in a classroom. Become obsessed with the news. Read everything you can get your hands on. I challenge interns to try to find where PR is at play in an article or a TV segment and then work backwards to see how it got there. It's a good tool to understand how media coverage happens. Brand yourself on social media and begin building relationships with reporters and influencers. And lastly, this one I have to credit from someone's Pinterest board: 'Work hard and be nice.'"

"Also, start religiously reading the magazines and websites that you want to work for. Cold email every Managing Editor, Executive Editor, and HR person at those places and inquire about open positions or the possibility of an informational interview. Try to network with folks a little bit older than you. Those are the people who can help you in the long run (and hire you!) and they're not going after the same thing you are. Look for the story idea in everything you do...from a fight you're having with your boyfriend to a decor trend you see at local restaurants. The best article ideas are often things you naturally want to talk about with your friends."

"It's all about location. ACRE/SF is a testament to the converse. A good location never guarantees a successful business, a good concept is what it takes."

"That you need to modify your plans to fit in. I'm a strong believer in staying true to your path." 

"Creative people aren't that good at running a business."
"Don't turn away business. I understand why people say it, but for me it is not about how many clients I have. It's about the quality of what we create together. I stand behind my work and I'd rather do a really great job for a few clients than a decent job for many."

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