one outfit, two ways

This weekend as I was talking to a friend, I realized something: I no longer own "going out" clothes. When I was a teenager and in my early twenties, I had two kinds of clothes: going out clothes, and "normal day" clothes. I didn't have a job, and my only big daily duty was going to college, which didn't require me looking my best every day. That's why while I never left the house without make-up or doing my hair, I didn't exactly wear nice things. My nicer tops and killer heels were bought thinking about and worn 99.9% of the time only during the weekend. 

I don't know when or how it happened, but I stopped thinking about two categories when buying clothes or shoes, and only buy one category: "nice" things. I'm not one to think much about the practicality of the things I wear (I'll wear the five inch heels even if my feet scream because they're so pretty), but I do try to buy only things I truly love and think I can wear anywhere. That's probably why I love cardigans so much: wear them over a nice top for the office, take off the cardigan for after work drinks! I also no longer buy t-shirts, but look for tops in nice frabics like silk, cotton or those that have embelishments. 

Shoes are also huge when taking an ouffit from office, to drinks and everywhere in between. I wore this exact same outfit about two weeks ago with flats for hitting the mall, and wore it today with heels to the office. Happy tuesday shoes-day! :)

one outfit, two ways

J Crew block top


Nine West platform high heels
$100 -

Forever 21 necklace

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